Why Ekspoturk ?

One of our most important aims is to make having a career in EKSPOTURK equal with the most popular professionals in the trade world.

What we look for in our crew members is the ability to adapt their own energy to their work. We are expecting not the business brings the people up but the people bring the business to even higher points with no matter in which department or business they are in and thus expecting them to be prepared for future roles they will bear.


If your education still continues and you want to know a visioner business environment which is professionally involved in the international trade, internship in our company would be one of the best opportunities to see our understanding of trade and vision of business.
We only accept interns during summer. Internship duration may be extended to one year.

Criterias we look for are as follows;

  • Motivation letter about the department you want to do internship.
  • Carefully filling the application form.
  • Interview performance.

Please fill the internship application form.



If you have just graduated and want to work in an environment where you can significantly improve yourself within an active company, to make a good start for life as a Challenger, Yes! You are the one.

Criterias we look for;
  • Motivation letter about the department you want to work
  • Previous internship experiences
  • Carefully filling the application form.
Acceptance process
  • Examining the application form
  • First interview, we will get to know each other on Professional level.
  • Second interview – We will talk about the business, this may challenge you a bit.
  • Offer – yes, we have decided, we will welcome you in our crew.

Experienced Candidates

If you are willing to share your work experience with us and think we can develop our business together, which we have produced and presented, we will not ask you to fill our online form. All we are looking for is a detailed CV.

Acceptance Process.
  • 1.Examining the CV
  • 2.Tele Interview
  • 3.Interview in person
  • 4.Meeting with the related heads of the department that you’ve applied
  • 5.Rehearsal of work
  • 6.Reference control
  • 7.Offer

Job Application

You can send your CV to our HR department

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