We support our children to get the publications listed below. If you also want a children to freely get these publications please contact us.
  • hosgeldinbebek


    Baby, Welcome to Our Beautiful World / Baby Diary  A lasting memory recording the growth and the development of a baby, since the birth, with texts and photographs. Baby diary designed as a yearbook photo album. / 25x19 cm, 64 pages, high-grade paper pulp of 190 gr., color printing, cardboard cover covered with sponge and coated paper, spiral binding.
  • saymak-oyle-kolay-ki-image


    Counting Is Very Easy / Preschool Activity Book  The main theme of “Counting Is Very Easy” is the numbers. It includes matching, painting, multiple-choice questions, drawing, hidden pictures, etc. to ensure the preschool children of 5-6 years learn counting from 1 to 10. In the book, there are some stories facilitating the understanding of the numbers. Written in a poetic style, these stories are the most important feature making the series different from the ordinary activity books. It is a book for the parents and the teachers to have entertaining and productive moments with the children. / 24x28 cm, 48 pages.
  • bayram-nesesi


    Joy of Feast / A Feast Gift with Many Stickers  It is feast time! The feast brings love, sharing, joy and happiness to us. How nice of it! The children get prepared for the feast on the eve, and the parents help them for their preparation. The fathers have a sweet rush to purchase sacrificial, and the mothers are very tired because of house cleaning. The children start to make calculation for the pocket money. The whole family takes the road to visit relatives and friends. There are many other things in feast time. Everything about Ramadan and Sacrifice Feast is in this book. If you want to know all of them, you can read this book, find the stickers and stick them to the related places. Have fun! /24x29 cm, 32 pages, with stickers.
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    We Economized Thanks to You / Book for Conscious Water Consumption  Colorful children’s book with pictures and stickers. It aims to raise awareness among children related to issues such as the importance of water, the areas of water usage, water consumption and the precautions related to water consumption. / It is for children of 5-9 years and includes many photos and stickers. Big size, coated paper of 170 gr., color printing, 24x29 cm and 32 pages.